Community birth services for Central Oregon


Personalized, loving, family-centered care.



Individualized, family centered pregnancy, home birth and postpartum care.

Hospital birth options

Complete or partial prenatal care paired with Montirce services and personalized labor support in the hospital setting. 

Meet the midwives

I am an Oregon native, mother and liciensed midwife who is passionate about serving women through their childbearing year.


Home Birth

Find out more about the process and  benefits of birthing at home.


Pregnancy and Birth Services

  • Preconception counseling

  • Prenatal care

  • Home birth

  • Water birth

  • Postpartum, lactation and Newborn care

  • Hospital Birth Options

  • Placenta encapsulation


Free Consultation

Get your questioned answered and see if midwifery care is the right fit for you. We love meeting potential clients face to face! 


Thank you!

To all our beautiful families, past, present and future: Thank you for trusting us to walk this journey with you. We are deeply grateful and honored to bear witness to your pregnant, birth and new parenting expeinces.