Hospital Birth Options



Montrice and Doula Services

We offer labor support for clients during their hospital births who have been under the care of a doctor or other provider throughout pregnancy. A montrice is a labor support person who also has clinical training. A montirce offers all the emotional and physical support of a doula along with the ability to listen to the baby's heart tones, conduct cervical exams, check vitals and more in the home setting before transferring to the hospital for delivery.

What's Included?

  • Two to three sixty minute meetings to get to know one another, discuss a birth plan, review commonly used interventions in the hospital setting and plan support measures you desire during your birth.
  • Support through early labor at home and active labor in the hospital until birth.
  • Two postpartum visits to assist with newborn care, nursing and processing your birth story.

Independent Midwifery Care & Hospital Birth

While the majority of our clients are planning home births, some of our clients would prefer a hospital birth or their pregnancies are high risk and they need to birth in the hospital. Our clients who receive independent midwifery care and supportive services during a hospital birth often report feeling like they got "the best of both worlds". While our midwives do not have delivery privileges in the hospital setting, we can provide supportive care for clients who want a midwife in the hospital but are unable to access that care otherwise. This option is perfect for families who feel they are not quite getting their needs met by the current western medical model of maternity care. We offer free no-obligation visits to explore this as an option for your birth.

What's Included?

  • One hour prenatal visits with no wait times for appointments.
  • Alternative options for routine tests such as glucose screening.
  • Assistance with creating an effective hospital birth plan.
  • Midwifery support during a hospital birth.
  • In-home postpartum care for mother and baby